The Layers are looking for a manager.

Over the last few years, we’ve recorded two albums, made a start on wirting the next one, toured in Europe, headlined a Saturday night in Kenny’s Castaways, New York and had a lot of fun.

We’re not a typical band, we’re not looking for a typical manager and we’re not offering a typical deal.

Here’s what we want.

We want to play our music in front of people who are at least a little bit interested in hearing original live music.

We'd like to get on to some little summer festivals - or even some bigger ones.

We'd like to feel like rock stars in front of a decent sized crowd now and again...

Here’s what we don’t want.

Gigs in working men’s clubs where we get asked to play Oasis covers and booed because we won't.

To play in front of a bunch of disinterested drunks who are just waiting for the disco.


We have no illusions about or ambitions towards becoming signed up, rich or famous from the music. It’s our hobby, we all have jobs so that we can support those hobbies. We've had a brilliant time pretending to be rock stars, though, and we'd like to keep on having new experiences.


Our manager will be someone who:

Is interested in and has some appreciation for the music.

Has some contacts and experience of live music to find us the right gigs.

Will listen carefully to our music and give us good advice. Which we may well choose to ignore.

Will work hard on our behalf, if only in short, occasional bursts.

A bit of sound engineering experience wouldn’t go amiss but not vital.


What are we offering?

We all have jobs and we know this is just something we do for fun. We intend to keep paying our own way as far as recording and rehearsing goes.

We're happy to work on merchandising, tee-shirts, badges and any other crap we can make cheap and sell to fund another recording. We have a web designer in the band (Caleb designed and maintains this site, Neil cooks up most of the prose and the shite jokes)

Any money that we make from gigs and selling CDs at gigs we’ll split, 50/50 with our manager once we’ve made back expenses. Yep, 50/50. We don’t want to end up out of pocket so we want to make back printing and burning on CDs and petrol for gigs. After that, we’ll take 12.5% each and the manager gets the rest. If we start talking new car money we’ll perhaps revisit the arrangement but otherwise, that’s the deal.

We’re a nice bunch of lads. Ask anyone. We’re offering good times. Laughs, adventure. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Get in touch via the site or through neil (at) for a chat.