Be our drummer

Hello, prospective drummer. Thanks for making it this far. 

Here's what we're looking for:

A drummer who's solid, easy to play with who connects with Paul on bass to form a solid rhythm section.

Someone who is happy playing a variety of styles, who can give it the full Neil Peart but is equally comfortable sitting back and playing minimally when it suits the song. 

Someone who will, after a brutal initation ceremony involving poisonous spiders and molten lead, fit in, become a friend and part of the gang.

You need to have transport.

Backing vocals would be a huge bonus, as we're fond of a four/five part harmony.

If you write songs, lyrics, music - brilliant. We're eager to have your input. If you want to take some lead vocals, stand up and do a couple of numbers on guitar - brill. If you'd rather just play drums - just as good.  

We've been together for ten years. We've had some amazing adventures - touring in Europe, headlining in New York... but that's not what's kept us together. We're still together because we enjoy each others' company, enjoy the gritty business of finding what's working in a song and what's not, enjoy gigging even when we're playing to three blokes and a dog in a pub basement. We're still toether because we're not obsessed with 'making it', we're not driven by competing egos. Sometimes we have differences and we resolve them calmly with words and smiles. We're a family. We want to keep on with the big adventures but appreciate the tiny pleasures along the way.

We take the piss, we laugh a lot, we enjoy ourselves and, out of the mix, we think some great songs emerge. We want to carry on like that, getting better with each song that we write and loving every minute of it. 

We're not asking for a massive time commitment. We rehearse weekly near Westerleigh, just off the ring road in Bristol. We don't, as an orginals band, have a massive gig schedule, so you could probably manage other musical projects at the same time. We could make do with three reahearsals a month if you couldn't manage every week. Sometimes we book up a whole weekend to record - that will always be agreed well in advance. 

We don't care about your age, sex, race, religion, sexuality, looks, inside leg measurement or taste in music. If you can play, you like the music and you get on well with us, that's all that counts.

Have a listen to the music - there's a link to our Soundcloud account on the 'music' link above. Ignore the drumming - we'd want you to make the existing and all future songs your own. 

If that sounds like something that you can get on board with, drop Neil a line via or on 07813 616117. We will reply to everyone, so if you don't hear back, try again.