Friends of The Layers

We've been very lucky to gig with some great bands here and abroad. Do check out some of the people that we've been privileged to share a stage with.

We really have to start by thanking Andy at DB studios in Stroud for the terrific work that he put in on 'Belly Full of Sunshine'. While we're thanking Andys, we also owe a debt of thanks to Andy Brown at The Vaults, our wonderful home venue and one of the last bastions of live music in these parts. Even while the Earth is being consumed in the inevitable zombie apocalypse, there'll be free music on at The Vaults.

Our home town is bristling with great musicians: check out Just to Annoy Ray and Ray and Sian's new project.

From our adventures in New York, Radio Free Carmela and the Transmitters,make beautiful, melodic, country-rock. Jigsaw Soul are quite unlike anything that you've seen before; indie-rock fused with modern art to produce a blistering live show.

In Europe, we made some great friends in Utrecht's Skiff and, if you ever need to get a ska crowd jumping, call Stampede immediately...

Recently we've been having some drinks and tunes with Brigid Kaelin, one of Louisville, KY's brightest talents, and Chattanooga's Butch Ross. Lovely people, lovely tunes.