The Layers are looking for a keyboard player.

There's a mix of piano, hammond, rhodes and some dance-style synths in the current set. Our previous keyboard player used a midi keyboard and soft synths. We're happy to supply the VST patches and the like that she used but whatever gear you have is good with us.  

The ideal candidate is a great keyboard player, adept harmony singer and ideally, could fill in on guitar on songs where keys would sound forced in. If you happen to play trumpet/accordion/nose flute - all the better, we're always willing to experiment. We'd love someone who's going to bring their own songs and ideas to the band, write and create with us. If you have some talent for arrangement, we've been hankering to do some big arrangements of old songs, too! If you want to sing some lead vocals - cool. If you want to have a go at the drums, Chris is happy to stand out and play guitar and sig a bit. (Although you'd have to be able to drum left-handed, as our drummer is sinister)

However, we're realistic and any keys player that fits in is more than welcome. 

We've been playing together for getting on for ten years and from the start, it rapidly became more about friendship than it was about music. the crucial thing about this is that whoever comes to join us fits in. It's all about laughter and enjoying making music together. 

We rehearse on Tuesday evenings at  the moment, most of the time, at Apache Rose studios.We're not harbouring dreams of world domination so it's not a massively demanding rehearsal/performing schedule. If you couldn't make rehearsals every week, we're fine with that, as long as we can collaborate online and rehearse reasonably regularly as a whole band. We don't mind being a side project. 

Interested? Drop us a line - or or call Neil on 07813 616117.