Interview with the Layers, by Muller Rice.

Realising some time ago that it was entirely possible that due to administrative oversight in the celestial department of fate, fame and fortune the Layers might not achieve global superstardom and therefore not be required to give a candid interview to ‘Hello’ magazine whilst relaxing in a selection of casual outfits in their well-appointed country properties, we decided to fake the whole thing:

Catapulted from anonymity to global near-anonymity, little is known about the private lives of The Layers. As their name might imply, these are four men of depth and conviction with rich and varied backgrounds that have contributed not only to the tapestry of their music but also to their beliefs and values. This being ‘Hello’ magazine, though, we concentrated on their clothes and decor and asked them a few bog-standard questions about music before rushing off to see if we could snap Britney having a poo in an alleyway.

We asked The Layers: “What makes you want to play in a band?

Rupert: I am moved and inspired by music. There is nothing that compares to that moment, on stage or in rehearsal, when four minds lock onto a groove and you lose yourself in some trance like state. No drug exists that can give you that high. It is the ultimate form of communication and cooperation and I love to strive for the sort of perfection.

Neil:I’m with Roo there – those moments of transcendence where the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts; it’s a unique experience. You can get the same thing with a performance too; sometimes you can tell that the audience are experiencing something special from the songs that you’ve written. It’s indescribable. 

Paul:There is a very easy answer to this question although at this precise time I am so hung over I  can’t remember the answer Oh no hang on it’s coming back to me now. The reason I started playing in bands was to get girls and get laid. Then came the buzz of actually playing a full song with some great mates for the first time in front of other people and seeing that they actually enjoyed it. Now it’s full on getting to play what I consider great (future classic) original tunes with three amigos who enjoy it as much as me and not having to go through all that adolescent ego thing that bands always seem to have when you are young.

Neil: I’d be lying if I said that my first motivations weren’t the same as Pauls! But as the years of playing roll by your perspective shifts (partly as you realise that being in a band doesn’t get you laid nearly as much as you’d been led to believe). You start to find the joy in the music.

Caleb: Originally it was just because love to play but I have now come to realise that being in a band pushes me to be better than I would be by myself. 

“What would you do it the Layers made it really big?”

Paul: It has crossed my mind although only in that dream on sense of things. If it happened I would like to think that I would be old enough and wise enough to take the whole thing on the chin. Yes there would be some minor excess and a bit of throwing caution to the wind but hey your only going to be famous for five minutes these days if your lucky. Biggest ambition would be to come through it all happy comfortable and above all without regret.

Rupert: Tough question. I genuinely don't know. If the implication was purely financial then I would hire people to run my business for me. The time commitment might be an issue though, I have a young family and they need me and I would not sacrifice one for the other. I'll cross that bridge in my sleep.

Neil: It’s one of those things that you consider alongside winning millions or being bitten by a radioactive dung beetle and becoming a superhero. I’ve always wondered if turning one of my hobbies into my job would be a good thing or not and whether the stress of an everyday life of making ends meet is one of the things that inspires the songs. I think, though, that if I were to become rich and famous I’d genuinely want to invest some of my time, money and energy in making the world a better place; I’d want to get involved in some grass roots programmes for social and political change. Also I’d pay someone with instructions to follow me round and slap me if I started acting like Bono.

Caleb: I play in a rock band with three of the greatest guys I know.  I have already made it big.

Who are your personal musical heroes?


Paul:       Morrisey, Flea, Deep Purple, Madness, Steve Harris and Maiden

Caleb:     Queen, Vai, Satriani, Alex Lifeson and the Cookie monster

Neil:        Neil Finn, Tom Waits, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Suzanne Vega, Flobots... I could go on.

Rupert:    Caleb Evans, Paul Deacon and Neil Adams.

Neil:        And for those of you with cholesterol issues, feel free to complain if that last answer is just a bit too cheesy...