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Here in the subterranean hub of Layers HQ, through a mixture of intimidation, kidnapping, bribery and a lot of exhausting mass debating sessions in the boardroom, we've managed to convince the board of directors and the shareholders that The Layers' music shouldn't be a profit-making, soulless, commercial venture. We don't want to become champagne-swilling dilletantes with no link to our fans. Well, we do, but it seems unlikely that will happen through album sales, so we're going to carry on nicking lotto tickets from work colleagues.

Here are some short samples...

We give the record away at gigs for whatever people want to give us, even if it's nothing, and we want the same to be true for you good people out there in download land. We are still writing songs, though, and we'd like to get back into the studio so please, if you're downloading the album, please consider making a donation to The Layers safely and securely through PayPal. Rest assured that every penny will be used exclusively to fund the next Layers album, or at the very least to pay for the beer and prostitutes that are such an important part of our creative process.

To ensure that you're getting value for money, we've included a folder with the album artwork so you can print out your own CD cover and booklet, if you're looking for something to complete that row of CDs.

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If your conscience can live with itself you can proceed directly to the download area.

Remember: piracy may not be killing the music business but if we make a million off this album we will buy a boat and keelhaul Chris de Burgh.