The Layers Lyrics

A selection of Layers lyrics for you to learn and sing along to or dissect and analyse. Select a song from the list on the right. We've added a few notes in a couple of cases. Pay close attention: some gigs will feature a brief but mandatory written examination.

Here at Layers HQ we think that the words are important. We want our songs to be about something. A huge thanks to those of you that have paid our lyrics compliments at gigs. We're flattered.

A note for discerning/needlessly pedantic readers. Some of you may notice a degree of disparity between the lyrics as they are written and what Neil actually sings on stage. This is a part of the creative process, allowing the gigs to be an organic response to a specific time and place and in no way due to frequent blows to the head, alcohol abuse or aluminium cookware.

Some songs contain language that may offend. They're marked with an asterisk so that you can avoid them if you're of delicate sensibilities or go straight to them if you have a juvenile sense of humour and enjoy sniggering at rude words.