Belly full of sunshine

If you want us to have faith you should have risen from the deaf –

Paid some attention to the multitude with so little left

to lose; listened for the voices of  indignants in the crowd

the heads held high that you beat down

but what goes around will come around


But when the time comes – what are you going to do?

Hold your tongue:

I’ve had a belly full of sunshine from you.


You might pray for absolution for the evil that you’ve done

With the same breath that you’re polishing the trophies that you’ve ‘won’

But while the victor writes the history, there’s the matter of the facts

That to execute your will you let the devil swing the axe


But when the time comes ...


And now I hear you singing of your green and pleasant land

But all that church-hall (w)ringing can’t wash blood from off your hands

And I still hear you telling me that it’s never been so good

‘cause you can’t feel the cold of shadows that don’t reach to where you’re stood.


But when the time comes...


['Belly full of sunshine' was a phrase that Roo used one night at rehearsal to describe to us how happy he was after a really good day. It's a running joke in the band that I find it much easier to write about the dark, angry things and it was almost self-consciously playing up to that that made this song the rant that it is. Somehow I find myself able to stay angry even when my tongue's a little bit in my cheek.]