Breaking someone else's promises.

I've walked the tightrope of respect
Over the dead drop of desire
Told myself my soul was tough enough
To walk over her fire
Resolve outclassed
By the years that had passed
Absence makes the stray heart linger.
Intentions lost -
Not a line left uncrossed
Too far gone to point the finger
Dreamed my way through a guilty night,
Played guitar and fretted through the dawn.
I can't stop the day from breaking
and I can't change the things I've done;
Breaking hearts, breaking rules,
breaking someone else's promises.
Caught in the no-man's land and lost
between the heart and the head;
Hands held out in supplication,
then leading me to bed.
Reflex reaction
to a years-old attraction.
Pinned to the bed...
Familiar feeling,
When weakness comes stealing
That last resolve.
In and out like a thief in the night
No return to the scene of the crime
I left you lying there - or confessing?
In seven years I'd never dreamed you'd been doing time.