Different footprints

The days are busy being filled up with emptiness
Occupied: always doing more to feel less.
Another packed day that she can’t tell from the rest –
Pre-packaged Saturdays and crowded loneliness.
But she can still hear-
laughter on the summer breeze.
She can still be:
 happy in her memories.
Different footprints on the beaches where we played;
The castles washed away – the child inside remains
in the places we’ve come back to, the pilgrimage we made
to drink to absent friends and for the rest of us that stayed.
But we can still hear:
Laughter on the summer breeze
We can still be
Happy in our memories
No one’s ever lost - everything we treasure;
Love endures, we will remember:
His laughter ringing on the summer breeze
We will be happy in our memories