Pick Up Line

Some people just create an instant, full-on impression and you tell yourself that you'll write about them one day. As a young, naiive(ish) singer back in the 1990s, I was the subject of a fairly determined pick-up attempt by a slightly older woman. She made me feel a little bit scared and a little bit sad.

Pick up line

A wanton night, one wasted day, you chased the sandman off again,

Where you gonna hide the lines this time, lover?

Found you at the bottle's end waiting for the light to bend

around your eyes; or for oblivion

The charm of strangers never palls, you never learned from any fall;

laughed or cried or cared at all; or paid.

Just showered off some one-time lay then lay around another day;

sat and smoked in some cafe - the tab is coming.


Hey, lady, shoot that look again

Make that joke just one more time

Think you've got my number

Go fishing for another line


I've heard it all before and seen your hack-kneed tits and ass routine -

overheard and too obscene - for me honey.

Nobody cares if you can show the body you had years ago;

your face was buried in the snow - but not chilling.

You think that cynical is wise; mistake the value for the price,

misquote, plagiarise for me - I'll listen.

It's what you are, not who you do, who you've nailed or who you've screwed-

the ghosts will all come back to you - sometime


Hey, lady, bat those eyes again

I'll hear your pitch just one last time

Think you'll leave with me - no way

Go sniffing for another line


You played it out too fast and wide now, lover, where you gonna hide

when all that bitter, wasted time - comes calling?

Take those cigarettes and wine, the make-up and the practised lines,

there's nothing else to hide behind - except memory


Hey lady, where you going now?

Think I'll watch you tell him how

You're going to make his night - I know

I'll meet you further down the line.

I feel compelled to point out, by the way, that the cougar in question was unsuccessful. I scampered off like a startled fawn.