Cast around for heaven's scent,

spurn the chances to repent

gag the voices of dissent

with every dollar that you spent

with what you stole


you have no recourse or excuse

for the power that you've abused;

science might beguile and words confuse

but there's no way to elude

the rising tides


Treat the future as a game,

win the prize and shift the blame;

but if gold is all you crave,

ignore the wisdom of the age

Too late to save


Filling up the void inside

Selling short and buying time

Buying up a place to hide

The evidence of all your crimes

We are not blind


mercury climbing shadows rising tides growing higher

clinging to your raft of lies you hide your eyes but still deride the song of gaia as she cries


Another wasted day,

see you fading away

it's just a game you play

as you throw it all away


Although the vast consensus of scientific opinion tells us that climate change is a real threat, that oil will run out, that we can't keep dumping poison into earth, sea and air, we are still manipulated by rich men who can't possibly spend (or even enjoy) what they have, for whom the accumulation of further wealth and power is simply a game, a way of keeping score. Perhaps (we're jsut suggesting) this might be just a teeny bit.... wrong?