Warm days and smiling friends.

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On the face of it, the lyrics to surf trip couldn’t have been less appropriate than when we sang them at Green Man last week. A song about sun-kissed, carefree days at the beach… well, look a little closer, pilgrim. Surf trip is about surf trips with friends, not about surfing. It’s about being surrounded […]

Emerging, blinking from the shade…

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…of an indecently long interval between blog posts. Ten thousand much deserved apologies, gentle readers; here at Layers HQ we do realise how difficult life can be made when your ransom notes are shriven of the sesquipedalian flourishes that so few other band blogs provide. As much as we would like to believe that death […]

The city that never sleeps (pt2)

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When is a music tour not a tour? When the band’s not all there. Great as it was exploring the sights, sounds and (frequently garbage-tinged) smells of New York, it was never going to feel quite right without the rest of the band there. It came as some relief, then, when another expensively-crafted text message […]

The city that never sleeps… (pt 1)

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From the city that never sleeps to the town that doctors say may never regain full consciousness. It’s quite a come-down, I can tell you. There are really two parts to this story, so I’ll do a bit of regaling now and fill in the rest when I have some pictures. On Sunday the 10th […]

Exciting tour News.

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Yes, of course you’ll know by now that we’re playing in New York this August and that we’re very excited about it. Latest news is that a second gig has been added to the itinerary, we’re playing in Greenwich Village in Kenny’s Castaways, a venue which has hosted Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith and a host of […]


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As he’s joining the band on a short-term secondment, it would seem only polite to introduce our adoring fan to Dusty Jopling: thinker, drinker, tinkerer and drummer extraordinaire. Born Dusty Jackson to a showbiz family, a swift escape in early childhood and a change of identity bought Doug to Preston where he swiftly gained qualifications sufficient […]

Yes, I know that we keep going on about it…

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I’ve been trying for a while to write something more considered than the blogs that I kept on tour. What I’ve ended up with is more of a personal musing and so it seemed appropriate to stick it in my own blog. The views expressed herein do not represent, etc…So if you want my two […]

Touring by numbers.

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By Caleb…

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I have just finished reading what Neil has written about our adventures in Europe and thought it about time I finally do as asked and add some of my own thoughts to the blog – Neil,if you are reading this, the inadequacy I feel in even trying to write anything next to you is overwhelming.I […]

On tour III – Pardubice, we love you…

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