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Written by neil on 11 July, 2014 in Lyrics and Ramblings with no comments.

One of the best things about The Layers fan club – not as, you might surmise, a combined personal ventilation and cudgelling apparatus* but a largely fictitious group of people based loosely on the real-life people that appreciate the band’s ham-fisted attempts to work their way from the anus to the annals of rock history […]

We’re bringing ‘vex-y’ back…

Written by neil on 3 October, 2012 in Lyrics with no comments.

Sometimes, you wonder where the revolutionary spirit has gone – not Layers fans, of course, who largely understand the term to mean ‘innovative liquor’ and know exactly where they’ve stashed the concoction of mouthwash, fermented tea leaves and stolen urinal cakes distilled in a copper bed pan ripped from the wall of their secure facility. […]

It’s a long, strange road.

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If that starts the deja vu alarms a-clanging, it’s because it’s a phrase that’s slipped into a blog before. It’s a reference to a song that’s been a long time coming. Yes, gentle reader, prepare yourself for a jolt that might even shake you from whatever medication they have Layers fans on in the Keith […]

Magic Lantern Show

Written by neil on 2 April, 2011 in Lyrics and Ramblings with no comments.

With apologies to friends who’ve read this – I thought it worth mentioning on the band blog as we’ve been working on this as a band and, all being well, we’ll be giving it a Layers début at a gig soon. If you’re famous, fascinating or just fucking charismatic, you may be able to get […]

Warm days and smiling friends.

Written by neil on 24 August, 2010 in Lyrics and Touring with no comments.

On the face of it, the lyrics to surf trip couldn’t have been less appropriate than when we sang them at Green Man last week. A song about sun-kissed, carefree days at the beach… well, look a little closer, pilgrim. Surf trip is about surf trips with friends, not about surfing. It’s about being surrounded […]

Let’s start as we mean to go on…

Written by neil on 12 August, 2010 in Lyrics with no comments.

…note the ‘mean to’. In no way are we making bold promises concerning the frequency of blog posts from now on. Here, though, for those of you who take an interest in our creative output, are the approximate lyrics for ‘Wasted’. I say approximate because like many of our lyrics, they are in a constant […]

Kiss the Girls

Written by neil on 19 July, 2009 in Lyrics with no comments.

Yes, yes, it’s been a little quiet on the update front from the Layers of late. What can I say? We’re busy chaps, in demand. One of the things that we have been busy with, however, is new songs. Next one to debut live (possibly even this Sunday if we’re lucky) is ‘Kiss the Girls’ […]

Different Footprints

Written by neil on 8 April, 2009 in Lyrics with no comments.

Here we are, folks… for those of you that take an interest in this sort of things, the lyrics for Different Footprints. The days are busy, being filled up with emptiness. Occupied, always doing more to feel less. Another packed day that she can’t tell from the rest: pre-packaged Saturdays and crowded loneliness. And she […]

I have no mouth yet I must scream.

Written by neil on 30 March, 2009 in Lyrics with no comments.

It seems more appropriate to post these lyrics now than when I wrote them, oddly. Not only has the music kind of come together – hopefully a sign that we’re gelling ever more surely as musicians – but also some of the topics herein have become more topical. Tonight, I notice, there’s a documentary airing […]

Heart in a jar

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I saw the picture above in the newspaper. The young woman is Jennifer Sutton. After having her life saved by a heart transplant, she donated her heart (the old one, obviously) to the Wellcome Collection to try to help raise awareness about her disease (restrictive cardiomyopathy if you’re morbidly curious) I found myself wondering how that […]