Nope, not dead yet.

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Like polio, Betamax or enlightened governance, one might be forgiven for thinking that The Layers were no longer alive and a threat to public health, electronically recorded entertainment and the wicked desires of the 1%, respectively. And then here’s the convoluted prelude to another blog: Freddy Krueger’s hand emerging from the soil of a grave, […]


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Vigilant followers of the Layers’ blog may have noticed a few months passing between instalments and feel aggrieved1, for although easily mistaken for barely coherent ramblings with a smattering of filth, a deeper study2 of said blog reveals an epic tale full of barely-averted triumph and disaster earned by the skin of our teeth3, full of […]

The myriad joys of recording – volume 3

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“When I were t’lad we ‘ad to do wi’owt bloody MIDI. In my day we ‘ad to spend three days attaching microphones to a drum kit before you could even think of recording. And by then your drummer ‘ad like as not choked on ‘is own vomit.” “Aye, an’ the recordin’ software were dead clunky. […]

Oxjam – a great event, not a euphemism for Bovril.

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Remember the heady days of August, when you couldn’t wait to whip out those mighty charity cojones by bravely emptying a small tub of icy water over yourself to support, er… (Was it ALS? Hang on, weren’t they the boy band with the guy that did back flips? I think they’ve got Ebola or something.) […]

Two Layers beneath the surface of the Earth…

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Being a Layer is a tricky and demanding business, and not just for Caleb’s sandwich wrangler. A rigorous training programme is in place to cover every eventuality and, in preparation for our shady sponsors demanding that we obtain a long-hidden relic from an abandoned tomb (you’d be amazed how often this happens. Damn sponsors…) Paul […]

This blog entry sponsored by Ex-Lax.

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One of the best things about The Layers fan club – not as, you might surmise, a combined personal ventilation and cudgelling apparatus* but a largely fictitious group of people based loosely on the real-life people that appreciate the band’s ham-fisted attempts to work their way from the anus to the annals of rock history […]

New Year, new gigs, same crap old jokes. You love it.

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If you’re a fan of The Layers (and on behalf of the band, I’d just like to extend our sympathy. It can’t be easy) then this is probably that time of the year when, your New Year’s resolutions having been consigned to the waste receptacle of futile ambitions (collected by your local council the third […]

He who lives by the rubber sword…

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“Oh  no, he’s like so sad…he, like, goes to the woods an’ dresses up like a wizard or something, with a load of other losers at the weekend…” Thus quoth the Bristolian Sasquatch walking in front of me with her friend who was like a mermaid. And by mermaid, I mean one of the manatees […]

They’re back…

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‘Tempus fugit’, as the phrase goes – if nothing else, a fine advert for the relevance of Latin, as a simple misunderstanding recently led to The Layers mistaking ‘time flies*’ as an instruction and chasing drosophila around with stopwatches. Well, it’s as good an excuse as any for not keeping the blog up to date […]

The perils of getting paid…

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It’s been an uncommonly busy period for a band that normally gigs so occasionally that our typical performing schedule could be plotted on a chart of geological time (probably showing fossil remains of Plaedagigghan Noephuccasaurus). In an unprecedented burst of activity, we’ve actually gigged every week for the last month (the strain being so much […]