Boldly going…

It’s been a while since the blog was updated, for various reasons, but regular readers should (aside from getting their heads examined) not worry: all is relatively well at Layers HQ. There was a short period there when it seems that we would be without a drummer but we’re delighted to report that Roo is back in the back-seat driving position of percussionist extraordinaire, new material is taking shape (or at least being beaten into a shape other than ‘pear’)  and we’re looking forward to a festive gig this Saturday.

This brief missive, though, is triggered by a friend who looked up a word from ‘I have no mouth yet I must scream’, thinking that I’d made it up. I have indeed, made up the word ‘pornnui’, it’s a portmanteau of porn and ennui, I’ll let you leap to your own conclusion about the meaning. This little addition to the language, though, has had the effect of pushing The Layers way up the Google search results. Look up ‘pornnui’ and, as it turns out, there we are, result number six or seven.

So, we might not have any current plans for world travel at the moment, but it’s good to know that we’re still pushing back the frontiers, even if it’s just by making up words.

Have a splenetic evening.