Patience, patience…

Greetings, gentle fans.
We realise that by now, many of you will have chewed down your fingernails, torn out your hair and ground your teeth to nubs wondering: “When, oh when will the Layers relase an album.”
Or you may not give a toss, who can say?
Wherever you may happen to be on that continuum of care, I feel glad that I can simultaneously ease your tension, whilst increasing your anticipation, with news that we’re in the process of recording that album right now.
Yes, undeterred by the economic climate, we’ve managed to pry enough loose change from the backs of coffee shop sofas to fund a series of trips to DB studios where Andy is, once again, digitally dismantling our caterwaulings and reassembling them into something like music.
Even a brief outbreak of swine flu in the band isn’t going to stop us and we hope that by the end of the summer, eleven lavishly-tooled tracks (and some bonus material if we find the time) will be yours to own, cherish and use as a coaster.
Clear your social calendar (or start thinking of convincing excuses, as appropriate) for an imminent launch party and bring your bitches and hoes (we know that many of your are keen dog breeders and gardeners…) for what will surely be the musical and social event of the year.
News as it happens. Watch this space.
Layers out.