Four-moist in our field…

It seems likely that Bono and his ilk (it’s actually a moose head that he bought in a charity auction. Blame the Irish accent) have someone to ask them, “Hey, Bono, y’lazy arse. Have you written anything on the blog lately?” and Bono gets his butler to tell his agent to get his assistant to write something for the blog.

Here at Layers HQ we have no such staffing luxuries; our tiny, overburdened staff consisting of just a few chefs on twenty-four hour rotation in case Caleb should need a sandwich, a driver, in case sandwich supplies run low and a beautiful masseuse, who spends most of her time popping out to get Caleb a sandwich, have no time to get involved with the blog and so it’s left entirely up to Neil’s memory and conscience. Sadly, the former has been somewhat eroded by repeated concussions and a recent discount on Jameson’s Whiskey and the latter is suspected to have never existed by several eminent psychologists and the child from whom he just stole a lolly.

However, it seems appropriate during this brief period of lucidity to let followers, fans and some other Layers-related group who can be conveniently labelled with an f-word that all is well with the band and that they haven’t been carted off to the Moon-Osbourne memorial home for deluded old rockers just yet.

A lingering degree of post-traumatic stress disorder might have been in order following last month’s gig: a marquee-based birthday party in rural Gloucestershire whilst Britain was languishing under drought conditions? Naturally, it was like a bog-snorkelling competition with loud music. Managing to get in and erect a PA went relatively smoothly and the exercise helped to keep the band warm as the mercury descended gently to ‘bracing’, then down to ‘nippy’, ‘life-threatening’ and finally settled on ‘August bank holiday in Prestatyn’. With stiff little fingers (not the band) and the drummer sat in a refreshing breeze, it looked like it was going to be hard work for a little while but a warm crowd and some skilled knob twiddling from our semi-resident engineer Cam got some heads nodding and toes tapping and we were able to relax sufficiently to enjoy ourselves and rock out a little with the chance to concentrate on the noisier part of the set. In the end, we were smiling and almost able to feel the handshakes as backs were patted and kind words issued. We were privileged to be supporting Duke, who put on a great show and then it was time to venture out into the dark and the rain and a field that had seen a little traffic and a little more water since our initial forays. Still, equipped with the world’s least capacious 4×4 and a burning desire to spend twenty minutes pushing an Audi through a bog we were able to get unloaded and on the road in a matter of hours.

Jesting aside – Dan’s birthday party was a lovely gig for us; more good times and laughter and just enough mud to remind us of adventures at Green Man.

Our next adventure with outdoor gigging comes in August at Westonbirt Arboretum’s Treefest, an enchanting mix of music and craft as well as the customary dendriform diversions. Attendance is mandatory, so brush the festival detritus out of your gigging tent and get your butt down there.

In other news, we’re starting to tentatively plan recording a new album later this year and we may well be seeking video extras amongst our more pulchritudinous devotees. Feel free to send in audition pictures but please keep them decent. We don’t want the staff here at Layers HQ distracted. They’re behind on the sandwiches as it is…

Layers out.