Pre-Christmas presents from The Layers! And a discount!!

“Regular” readers of The Layers’ blog might well be forgiven for thinking they’ve Rip Van Winkled their way through an entire calendar year, given that entries are appearing at a rate not seen since Neil was a teacher and had marking to avoid. Fear not, like one of those serial killers from a grim movie, the blog will almost undoubtedly soon go dormant for a long period before popping up again in a blaze of tortured puns.

However, the flurry of recent activity is because we Layers have been remarkably busy of late. The imminence of our new album, “Fistful of Change”, has goaded us into action on a number of fronts, one being a long overdue review of our digital marketing strategy. Whilst flicking through the slides in a presentation entitled “Why showing PowerPoint slides to The Layers is likely to result in a violent assault from a bassist” that we found on a USB drive surprisingly deep in our marketing consultant’s colon, we realised that it was well past time that we started allowing the public to buy our music directly from the site, like modern people, instead of meeting with one of our representatives in a deserted car park to exchange an envelope full of used bills for a flash drive, which is more exciting but has resulted in a few misunderstandings and fans inadvertently buying CCTV footage of prominent public figures engaged in lewd acts. We should probably use different coloured envelopes.

Anyway, to streamline the process of buying for fans and to avoid paying NCP’s frankly outrageous commission on sordid car-park exchanges, we’ve taken a lump hammer and a roll of gaffer tape to the website and made a few upgrades. Pop over there at your earliest convenience and you’ll see that not only can you now purchase our previous recordings in a variety of formats but, excitingly, there’s now a selection of Layers merchandise available. From sportswear to mugs, baby clothing to owl cosies, there’s something for everyone. Except owls, because I made up the bit about owl-cosies. Please have a browse and perhaps buy the music lover in your life something to keep them warm while they wait for us to finish the album? As an added incentive, you’ll get a 15% discount until the 2nd December.

We really hope that you like what we’ve designed and if there are items that you’d like to see in future, let us know, we’ll see what we can do. Until then, happy shopping from The Layers!


Nothing fills a stocking like…

…Caleb’s frankly magnificent calf muscles. But you can’t have those for Christmas, you weirdo, you’ll have to get a Layers CD instead. Yes, our third studio album, “Fistful of Change” is taking shape in the studio and we’re optimistic that it should be ready to be piled onto reindeer-driven sleds covering for striking Royal Mail operatives in time for Kwanzaa.

It’s been a brilliant week to be a Layer – firstly our crowdfunding campaign, powered by the wonderful people at Fundsurfer, exceeded our cautious expectations and raised almost £1800 along with some amazing offers of practical support.

Secondly, we’ve been recording all weekend. Time in the studio is always great fun but this weekend has been extra special as some of the tracks near completion and we can start to hear how they’re going to sound when finished. In addition, this weekend saw DB studios deluged with visitors coming to sing on a very special project – more on this very soon.

It’s been humbling to receive such generous support in terms of funding, expertise and time and we’d like to take this opportunity to everyone who put in time and effort this weekend to come and make a musical contribution. It was great fun having you all in the studio and we hope that you’re as thrilled as we are with the results when you hear them.

Is it just me or does this look like Jim’s giving an informative tour of DB studios?

There’s an incredible amount of work to be done over the next month or so but we very much hope that in just a few short weeks, we’ll be packaging up CDs, t-shirts and VIP passes for our backers. All we can offer for now is a bottomless reserve of gratitude and a request to hang on in there for a little while.

News of a pre-release bonus track soon – watch this space!

Unlimited love from The Layers.