The myriad joys of recording (pt II)

Keen observers of the Layers site will have noticed (between adminstrations of powerful psychotropic drugs) that we’ve posted a new set of recordings. For those of you just waiting for Neil to royally fuck up another vocal, you’re in for a treat as I still fail to hit the right notes on the first verse of surf trip. Otherwise, though, we’ve been really impressed by the way that the recordings have turned out. A huge thanks is due to Andy at DB studios in Stroud, whose skilled ear managed to find us the big sound that we were after in double quick time.  As a result we were able to nail down no less than five recordings in one Sunday and mix them down the following evening.

Anyway, we invite comments and suggestions on the new recordings and encourage our fans to engage in a mass debating session over the direction that the Layers are taking.


By neil

I like books and I try to read lots. I'd like to write them too but it takes ages so mostly I write rambling blog entries. When I'm not doing that I cram as much participation in sport and music as I can in the tiny gaps between long bouts of working my arse off.

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