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Written by neil on 26 January, 2011 in Ramblings with no comments.

Greetings, gentle fans, followers and insomnia-crazed, compulsive web-surfeers. May your troubled souls find rest amongst the placid, directionless burbling of another Layers blog entry.

It may seem as if things have been a little quiet in the yawning corridors of Layers HQ. We’d hate you to think that leather chairs are going unswivelled, cats unstroked and evil schemes unhatched, so here’s a little update, a teaspoon of sauces yet to fully simmer, a swift, clumsy grope of the shape of things to come.

The winter months have been a difficult time for us all: snow, an assortment of viruses, the need to maintain our secret identities by occasionally making some positive contribution to our various employers’’ endeavours have all taken their toll upon our creative output. However, new songs have been taking shape and, just as the bulbs beneath the soil are conserving their energies for an all-out assault on spring, we too are ready for action.

We’re heading back to the studio first of all, to record ‘Wasted’, one of our favourites of the new songs. If we make it in time that will be offered up to the gang at Geek Pop – looking to be bigger and better than ever this year and well worth keeping in touch with.

Then there are some new songs and new-ish songs to be worked into a new live set and so we’re planning to get back on the gigging treadmill and get those rock and roll buns back into steely shape.

In the meantime, Rupert’s been busily teaching himself video editing – it’s moved on a little since his last experience; for one thing you don’t need to keep turning a handle to watch the films once your farthing’s in the machine. But we have high hopes that some sort of audio-visual shenanigans will be yours to enjoy at some point during the year.

Speaking of the year, this will be five years of The Layers in September. An event worthy of celebration, we feel. Keep your eyes on the site for news on that front but in the meantime, any suggestions that don’t seem likely to get us arrested are welcome.

Layers out.

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