On the twelfth day of…

Written by neil on 6 December, 2011 in Ramblings with no comments.

…Christmas/the zombie apocalypse (delete as appropriate) The Layers brought to me:

Well, very little, if we’re honest. Although if you’ve been good, we’ll avoid the mandatory double-tap in the event that you’ve chosen option B. Ho ho ho.

It’s possible that the many Layers fans out there have been calling out: “What have my favourite band been up to? Where are the new songs, gig announcements, the witty banter to which I’ve become accustomed on the website?” Although if you’ve heard that it’s far more likely to be the voices in your head and we’d recommend that you read the labels on your medication more carefully or at least make a mental note to drink gin from smaller receptacles. It’s equally possible that, given the interval since one of us slipped our restraints and made it to a computer to blog, you’ve simply forgotten that we exist. We can take it; indeed, in moments of existential doubt we often forget ourselves.

So what have we been up to since our last update? Well you may ask. It’s been a tough couple (ahem) of months for us in terms of workload, family life and finding ways to slip court-mandated ankle bracelets. We have, however, been working our way with slow determination through some new songs and the light at the end of the creative tunnel that is the oncoming train of recording a second album – hopefully before but possibly heralding the end of the world some time in 2012.

We were also thrilled and delighted to hear from none other than Jennifer Sutton, she of ‘Heart in a Jar’ fame. To our great relief and excitement, Jennifer reported that she approves of the song – we’re delighted not to be getting dragged through the courts again after the misunderstanding over how Neil came to be caught in Scarlett Johanssen’s wardrobe – and we’re hoping to be able to perform it to her in person soon. Jennifer, that it, not Ms Johanssen and if her lawyers are reading this we’re maintaining at least a 1km distance and have barely dipped as much as a hand into Swarfega since.

Hopefully you’ll have noticed that the website has been subjected to a lick of paint, a scraping of barnacles and a quick squirt of whatever it is that they use to clean morgues and adult movie theatres. Yes, it may be a little late in the year for spring cleaning but as our New Year’s Resolution is likely to be ‘Gig more’ it’s in preparation for a fresh onslaught on the sleazy music venues of England and, all gong well, beyond. So if you own, manage or just know of a suitable venue, drop us a line and we’ll have our best shot at lowering surrounding property prices.

More from us soon (well, sooner, hopefully…). In the mean time, stay off drugs. Unless you’re on anti psychotics or need them for your blood pressure or something. In which case, keep taking the pills. Or injections. In fact, do what the hell you like. Try to avoid getting your head stuck in railings.

Layers out.

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