Oxjam – a great event, not a euphemism for Bovril.

Written by neil on 2 October, 2014 in Ramblings with no comments.

Remember the heady days of August, when you couldn’t wait to whip out those mighty charity cojones by bravely emptying a small tub of icy water over yourself to support, er… (Was it ALS? Hang on, weren’t they the boy band with the guy that did back flips? I think they’ve got Ebola or something.)

As we head into autumn and the evenings turn dark and cool, suddenly the icy water seems less invitingly refreshing – you’d still like to feel that you were doing your bit but perhaps with your nipples less prominent?

Good news, good people, you can discharge your charitable duties and still have a great time in October by just rounding up some friends and getting out into Cheltenham later this month. Reasons to be cheering – 1,2,3…

One, you’ll be supporting Oxfam, fighting worldwide poverty from emergency response to campaigning to improve the lives of the poorest people on Earth, working towards sustainable change. You can read about it from the Oxjam perspective here, or in a bit more detail on the Oxfam website.

Two, you’ll be supporting local musicians. You may be under the impression that the bands that you love are simply created by media impresarios or, in the case of Justin Bieber, extruded by a giant, cybernetic sphincter but no, those bands that have changed the face of music all started out slogging around the live circuit. The one thing that live music needs to flourish is an appreciative audience. There will be hundreds of musicians, sound engineers, managers and volunteers giving up their time on the 18th for a great cause. Show them some love.

Three, and least self-sacrificingly, it’s going to be a fantastic day of live music. There are some brilliant acts (and The Layers) playing from three in the afternoon until closing time. It’s not like a TV talent show. There’s no autotune, just people who can really sing. There’s no manufactured, faux-tragic back-story, just musicians giving up paid gigs to raise money for people who are truly suffering. There’s no telephone vote, instead, if you like an artist, you can go up and actually talk to them.

So what do you say? It’s not like going out selfishly – you’re doing your bit for charity. Get a baby sitter, put on your dancing trousers and get out there.¬†Obviously, we’d love you to make a beeline for the Frog and Fiddle to see The Layers (10pm!) but there are great acts on in all the venues. The important thing is that we get as many people out there as possible so please, share this with your friends, round up your posse, homies or massive; be prepared to grease up your intimate circle (by which we mean bribe your friends if they don’t want to come out. Minds out of the gutters, people), and grab a fistful of tickets (http://www.wegottickets.com/oxjam/event/281545).

You know it makes sense. See you there.

Unlimited love from The Layers. x

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