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No drummer, no drama (Part II)

Welcome to The Layers’ sparkling new blog. Yes, we’re gradually trying to get away from the social networking sites (perhaps we’re just old) and stand on our own two (well, eight if you’re going to be picky) feet.

Or is it ten? Because, as ever with The Layers, drama and excitement are afoot. That makes eleven if you’re keeping track…

Those of you that make it a habit to follow our adventures from your private rooms overlooking the tranquil grounds of various secure institutions will know that we were recently invited to play in New York as a part of the CouchCrash festival. Unfortunately, due to staffing crises galore at his business, Roo is unable to make the trip. On the bright side, at least this time there’s no Blues Brothers-style coach chase through Austria and Slovakia…

On the more fortunate side, we are privileged to have secured the services of the great Dusty Jopling, until recently sticks man from The Revelator Band. Jops joins Duke on the illustrious list of Layers drummers; the Mexican did well in the hot seat – can Dusty top him? We wait with baited breath…

By neil

I like books and I try to read lots. I'd like to write them too but it takes ages so mostly I write rambling blog entries. When I'm not doing that I cram as much participation in sport and music as I can in the tiny gaps between long bouts of working my arse off.

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