Happy Christmas from The Layers.

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You may wonder where we find our backing vocalists. They’ll be round your place begging for ‘figgy pudding’ later. Yes, it’s a euphemism. Don’t let the little bastards in, they’re monsters.

As Christmas Day gets closer and the pressure to spend gets greater, building like a sprout-laden fart during the Queen’s Speech, remember that life goes on after Christmas too and there may be a few things that you’d like to lay a tenner aside for in January.

A new Layers album perhaps?

Yes, it will surprise no one who knows the five people who have done for modern music what Davros did to improve the image of people with disabilities that their heroic effort to get the new album out in time for Christmas has crashed and burned.

Still, every cloud and all that. By way of an apology, for anyone who’s read this far, we offer you a free download of our Christmas single:


We hope you like it. Recording wise, we’re at the preliminary mixing stage so we very much hope to have the record out by the end of January and we have a tentative launch gig date of the 29th February. Yes, there is one next year, so stick it in your diary and hopefully we’ll see you then.

For now, from Sarah, Caleb, Dan, Neil and Paul, the Happiest of Christmases and a splendid start to 2020.

Layers out.

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