The myriad joys of recording (redux)

Written by neil on 3 September, 2009 in Recording with no comments.

Long time fans and regular readers who’ve managed to slip out of their straight jackets, padded cells, thorazine-induced coma etc. for long enough to get to a computer may well be wondering what’s become of The Layers’ much-vaunted, long-awaited album.
Well, we wouldn’t want to keep you in suspense for too long, so I’ll tell you in the next paragraph.
Progress has been remarkably swift and we’re now starting to listen to some preliminary mixes; the initial signs are really quite encouraging.
As ever, this has been a learning process for us. Our last recording was intended to be an impression of how we could perform the songs live, simply a demo. This is a very different animal and we’ve been examining our own songs in a different light. This time recording has been more of a creative process and we’ve been genuinely surprised at the shifts in character of some of the songs.
Rest assured, gentle reader, that the essentially ‘Layersy’ qualities are very much there. As you would expect, the songs bear no resemblance to one another – the record will be the ragtag, multiple-personality-disorder tumble of disparate styles and genres that you’ve come to expect, the lyrics will be angry and bleak and there will be the usual mix of hard rock and cheese that you only normally get with Fanny Craddock’s infamous Granite Quiche. Amongst the usual ‘…sound and fury, signifying nothing…’ though, we hope that listeners will detect a richer, more considered sound.
We feel that we’re growing as a band from recording this album (largely due to a two-for-one pizza offer near to the studio). Hopefully you will too.
With luck the next bulletin should be announcing a release date for the album and news of a launch party/gig/violation of noise protection laws and, fingers crossed, they’ll soon come up with a cure for arthritis.

For now,

Layers out.

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