Let’s start as we mean to go on…

Written by neil on 12 August, 2010 in Lyrics with no comments.

…note the ‘mean to’. In no way are we making bold promises concerning the frequency of blog posts from now on.

Here, though, for those of you who take an interest in our creative output, are the approximate lyrics for ‘Wasted’. I say approximate because like many of our lyrics, they are in a constant state of flux that can be partially explained by creativity but mostly by┬ámy inability to remember them…

Cast around for heaven’s scent, spurn the chances to relent
Gag the voices of dissent with every dollar that you spent –
With what you stole.

You have no recourse or excuse for the power that you’ve abused
Science might beguile and words confuse but now you know you can’t elude
The rising tide

Another wasted day, I see you fading away, it’s just a game you play
As you throw it away

Treat the future as a game, win the prize and shift the blame
And if gold is all you crave, ignore the wisdom of the age
Too late to save

You have no recourse…

Another wasted day…

Filling up the void inside, selling short and buying time
Trying to find a place to hide the evidence of all your crimes
But we are not blind

Mercury climbing, shadows rising, tides growing higher – I see you clinging to your raft of lies you hide your eyes but still deny the plight of Gaia as she cries

Another wasted day..


Let me point out, for the record, that I’m not a Gaia theorist (strong, weak or otherwise) but I do think that it makes a nice, poetic way to refer to the intersection of Venn bubbles of planet, flora, fauna and ideology. I don’t see a problem in stretching a goddess metaphor to a planet that does, in fact, nourish us both physically and mentally. It’s the incredible waste of those resources, physical and mental, that I’m trying to get across here: while time, money and expertise are so desperately needed in creating a better, sustainable life for all, the effort all seems to go on making more profit for a tiny subsection of society that doesn’t need it and can’t even use it except as a way of keeping score. What a waste – especially when, if you want my opinion (and if you don’t then why the hell are you reading our blog) there would be no bigger score in no finer game than saving the planet and its people from the rising tides of greed, lack of fulfilment, starvation, privation and, oh, yes… seawater.


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