We’ve got this rash…

…fear not, though, dauntless Layers fans, it’s not a dermatological crisis. Indeed, it’s not really a crisis at all; the rash of which I speak is merely a rash of gigs. We appear this evening at the Vaults in Cirencester to support JTAR in a sensitive, laid-back, unplugged way, then in a few weeks we’re in Stroud on Sat March 8th in a more insensitive, up-front, plugged in way.

The big news is that after that gig we embark on our European mini-tour: 28th March at the Vaults in Cirencester, 2nd April in Utrecht, Netherlands, all being well, 4th in Berlin, Germany; 5th in Vienna, Ultravox; 8th in Pardubice (where?) Czech Republic and elsewhere if we can cram them in en route.

So we’re hoping that you’ll come and see us off on the 28th and if you’re at a loose end in early April and want to form an informal entourage…

We’d be happy to hear from anyone who wants to design us a tour tee shirt, help us find interstitial gigs in Euroland, publicise us or supply us with drugs and hookers. (That’s ladies of negotiable virtue, not thick-necked men with cauliflower ears and residual concussion. We’ve got enough of them in the band…)

Watch this (my) space and I’ll endeavour to keep our adventures on the road blogged more efficiently than I’ve been updating the blog of late.

Peace out.

By neil

I like books and I try to read lots. I'd like to write them too but it takes ages so mostly I write rambling blog entries. When I'm not doing that I cram as much participation in sport and music as I can in the tiny gaps between long bouts of working my arse off.

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