Is Chris Moyles Godzilla? Er, maybe?

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Chris Moyles thinks that unsigned bands are crap – according to the media, who have reported a storm of outrage. Many in the music industry are choosing to react publicly by accusing Chris Moyles of seeking publicity through controversy, although those music industry figures are obviously above seeking publicity. Probably. We should always be suspicious […]

Another day, another drummer.

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Keen followers of The Layers blog may tire of having their sanity, choice of reading material or indeed, their very existence questioned but then, let’s face it, if there’s one thing we love here at Layers HQ, it’s an easy target[1]. You should see the size our dartboard. Anyway, if any readers have been holding […]

This is not Spinal Tap (honest)

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Has it been almost two years since a Layers blog was published? Thought you’d escaped it forever? Tough luck, suckers: like shingles, Priti Patel or corduroy[1], some things insist on coming back whether you like them or not. Remember when we were all locked in our houses because of Covid, instead of because we couldn’t […]

‘Ere, who’s this random geezer on the skins?

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Eagle-eyed viewers of our latest video probably keep having to turn their heads from side to side and chew mice whilst watching. Which must be weird. Those viewers with regular human eyes and an observant streak may have noticed an unfamiliar face behind the drums. That would be our old friend Duke and, in case […]

Happy Christmas from The Layers.

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As Christmas Day gets closer and the pressure to spend gets greater, building like a sprout-laden fart during the Queen’s Speech, remember that life goes on after Christmas too and there may be a few things that you’d like to lay a tenner aside for in January. A new Layers album perhaps? Yes, it will […]

Pre-Christmas presents from The Layers! And a discount!!

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“Regular” readers of The Layers’ blog might well be forgiven for thinking they’ve Rip Van Winkled their way through an entire calendar year, given that entries are appearing at a rate not seen since Neil was a teacher and had marking to avoid. Fear not, like one of those serial killers from a grim movie, […]

Nothing fills a stocking like…

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…Caleb’s frankly magnificent calf muscles. But you can’t have those for Christmas, you weirdo, you’ll have to get a Layers CD instead. Yes, our third studio album, “Fistful of Change” is taking shape in the studio and we’re optimistic that it should be ready to be piled onto reindeer-driven sleds covering for striking Royal Mail […]

Recording update

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Ahoy-hoy, gentlefolks. It’s a third Layers blog entry in a quarter of a year and if that isn’t a harbinger of the end of days, well we don’t know what is. We’re doing all we can to let everyone know what’s going on with the current recording, so if you’ve missed the crowd-funding campaign, go […]

Is it a bird, is it a plane…

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…is it our Lord and saviour, Jesus H[i] Christ, riding a bicycle with a flying pig following along on one of those extendible dog leashes? It’s none of those things; it’s the even rarer sight of a new Layers album taking shape in the studio! Regular readers of the Layers blog (or at least, those […]

All the leaves were brown

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Which is what happens when you leave a book out in the sunlight and, if it were a physical book rather than a disembodied electric journal, the Layers blog would be pretty much the colour of cold tea by now. Readers eager for a fresh installment have hopefully become accustomed to not holding their breath […]