Another day, another drummer.

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Keen followers of The Layers blog may tire of having their sanity, choice of reading material or indeed, their very existence questioned but then, let’s face it, if there’s one thing we love here at Layers HQ, it’s an easy target[1]. You should see the size our dartboard.

Anyway, if any readers have been holding their breath in suspense since reading our last blog, then for God’s sake, breathe! That was May. It occurs to use that we perhaps should have broken this news sooner… we have managed to add to our ranks with a new drummer. We are delighted to introduce Alan Bryant.

With a background of classical vocals at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and jazz and world percussion tuition from The Royal Academy of Music/City University of London he has singlehandedly increased the level of actual musical knowledge in the band by about 200%[2].

Alan’s varied band history includes drumming and backing vocals for Waylayers and The Mayors, so his progression to The Layers was a natural move. Other highlights include The Supreme Collective and Velvet Diamond[3]. Alan also brings an influence from Latin America[4] with his samba experience playing professionally for Rimos Da Cidade (Rhythms of the City) on caixa, repinique & surdu, making him, if nothing else, a formidable Scrabble opponent.

We were delighted to find that Alan’s charming, urbane exterior hides an inappropriate sense of humour that makes him a natural fit for the frothing depravity that is a Layers rehearsal.

Alan’s drumming style and vocals are already making their mark on The Layers sound. He played his first gig with the band this month in a fun evening[5] at The Thunderbolt. Although we didn’t win the battle of the bands, it was a great performance, attracting praise from friends and strangers alike. A big shout out to Tiago, who filled in for Caleb, who was filling in for John J Macreedy at the time[6].

We’ve got new songs in the pipeline so as soon as we’ve found out how to insert the batteries for Caleb’s bionic arm and finished teaching Nathalie the varied colloquial uses of English obscenities, we’ll cobble a gig together and invite you all down. Until then, long live the revolution.

Layers out.

[1] Not you, dear reader, we would never imply that you were anything less than a paragon. But then, we’re terrible at geometry, so what do we know?

[2] Whilst potentially intimidating, it’s nice for Neil that there’s someone to share the blame for confusing everyone.

[3] Not a racehorse, we’re fairly sure.

[4] Although not, much to Caleb’s disappointment, by bringing burritos to rehearsal.

[5] For us, anyway. Can’t speak for the audience.

[6] Regular readers will be pleased to note the The Layers’ supply of cultural references remains as fresh as ever.

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